Things That Anger and Frighten Me

Greetings readers. So, trying to keep up with writing in this thing. Have an article or two. This article comes from @ThoughtCatalog from twitter. A Man Fed His Pregnant Girlfriend Abortion Pills He Snuck Into A Smoothie After reading this article I am disgusted and totally and completely outraged! Who the bloody hell […]

Birthday Weekend

2:25 PM 8/16/2014 So before I get to the fun stuff I have a rant. i don’t like ranting in fun entries but this just has me so fecking hacked off that I just had to write. You can skip it if you want but just ugh! Since I moved into my current apartment my […]

Just A Little Update

2:12 PM 2/17/2014 Well hello. First, I just wanted to wish everyone a late happy Valentine’s day. Hopefully it was everything you all hoped for and more. For those who didn’t have a sweetheart like myself, hoping you spent it with a friend or two. I don’t see why we need a day for people […]

Warning: Tear Jerker Big Time

I am an extremely irate Lily! This article was taken from: I do not understand or know why or how a parent can do this to their own flesh and blood. Tears abound. Andrew Ray Moyer Sr., 24, and Brianna E. Michael, 23. Police have accused a Columbia couple of killing their 6-week-old son, […]

Uh oh, The irish/German Comes Out To Play

Hello readers. I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack. Today I have a major rant and I’m so hacked off I can’t think straight. My target today? The ever so popular teen clothing store, Abercrombie & Fitch. More spacifically, their CEO Mike Jeffries. He has got to be the most hateful, bigoted, arrogant, pompous arsehole that I have had the […]