Birthday Weekend

2:25 PM 8/16/2014 So before I get to the fun stuff I have a rant. i don’t like ranting in fun entries but this just has me so fecking hacked off that I just had to write. You can skip it if you want but just ugh! Since I moved into my current apartment my […]

Just A Little Update

2:12 PM 2/17/2014 Well hello. First, I just wanted to wish everyone a late happy Valentine’s day. Hopefully it was everything you all hoped for and more. For those who didn’t have a sweetheart like myself, hoping you spent it with a friend or two. I don’t see why we need a day for people […]

Just Some Ramblings

Good evening. I’m just sitting here watching the news, feck knows why because it’s always so depressing. This world’s so messed up and just blah. Yeah I know, real intelligent thing to say right? Oh well, deal! *smirks*. I’m too tired to do intelligent at present. I mostly watched it for the weather report anyhow […]