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DISCLAIMER! I’m warning you all now; this entry isn’t going to be a nice one. You are going to see a side of me that you may have never seen before. I won’t apologize for this, I’m angry and I intend to let it be known.
I will say to those who are Christian and who are open minded I do apologize to you; I’m not knocking your faith. I have never had an issue with Christianity as a whole, just its judgmental sheople.
The nature of this entry is of the defending the LGBTQ community kind, I had a boss who is gay and he is as Christian as they come. I miss him, he was definitely cool people. If you’re all continuing to read, you have been warned.

This starts what my rant is about…
“I am truly disgusted in what this World has come to. I’m sorry lord that we allow same-sex marriage is in your churches. I’m sorry people disgracing your name is just an every day thing for most people. I’m sorry that most of society thinks things like abortion are okay. I’m sorry that our children are being taught they evolved from a fish in school. I’m sorry that people who are transgender are being told that it is perfectly normal. I’m sorry that most Christians are afraid to tell the truth, because they are worried of what people might think of them.” However, this will all change upon your return.”
End reading…

I am truly disgusted in your judgmental, fake ass Christian, closed minded, idiotic, thoughts on what you see as “unnatural” way of thinking. No, you didn’t use the word unnatural but you may as well have! First of all, you aren’t a true Christian because if you were you’d know that judging others is wrong, it says so in the bible which yes, even though I’m pagan I have read from cover to cover so I do know what it says. Personally I think the true Christians are the ones who live like they should and follow the no judgment rule. They have good hearts and help others. They spread the word of God without trying to force their thoughts and beliefs down your throat. To me, that’s what a good Christian is. I do have friends who are Christian and they are some of the most awesome people that I know. Why is it that the Christians who put so much stock in their “good book” don’t follow what it says? Second, why do you think that two people of the same sex who love each other are wrong for getting married in churches? Would you accept it any better if they got married outside of a church? No, more than likely you wouldn’t. What is so wrong with two people of the same sex loving each other? They can no more help falling in love than a straight couple; you are just like the many sheople who learn from a young age that it’s wrong so you preach that it is. How about learning to think for yourself instead of going by what your parents and everyone who has filled your head with crap has drilled into that pea sized brain of yours. Love is love no matter what anyone has told you, you can love the same sex or not it’s your choice. No one’s trying to get you to fall for a partner of your same gender and you can’t’ catch it by having a friendship with someone who is LGBTQ. It isn’t’ your call to make about who loves who. Third, yes it is perfectly okay to be transgender! It’s not like a transgender person wakes up in the morning and says to their self, self?” I think I’ll be a girl today or I think I’ll be a man today. It doesn’t work like that. They can’t help that they were born in the wrong body. That’s not something a cisgender person would or even could understand. I do know however that my fiancé is transgender and I watch what she goes through everyday, it’s a struggle for her especially when her dysphoria kicks in. Sheople like you however wouldn’t understand this because you are too closed minded to learn about what transgender persons have to deal with. How would you feel if the roles were reversed? If gays, lesbians, bisexuals, pansexuals (which I am one BTW and proud of it), transgender, queer or questioning were the majority and not the minority and we said it’s not okay to be straight and straight people loving each other is wrong and it’s disgusting, how would you feel? You’d probably be as angry and hurt as our community is. But you know what? We will prevail, we are strong and no matter what you can’t tear us down. We are united and together we stand as one because love is love! No one and I do mean no one can change that for us. We proudly let our freak flags fly, we let our pride flags fly, we proudly fly our trans-gender flags high and we will not be beaten! You have your beliefs and I have mine, if God truly wants his “children” to be happy and I have no doubts that he does then he’d approve of whomever we choose to love, he’d be fine with transgender people doing what they need to do to make themselves feel right. He wouldn’t’ give up on them and say well I guess that person’s going to hell. I’d like to think that he loves us the way we are and for who we are. If not, that’s not a God I’d like to serve anyway. Oh and as for your thoughts that Christians are afraid to tell the truth because of what people might think of them? How do you know that the way they feel aren’t how they actually feel? Are you inside their heads? No! You know what they say about assuming right? If not, go look it up. I’m not even going to go into the other things in that statement above which sparked this entry. I have been attempting really hard to respect the Christian god by not taking his name in vain, that’s out of respect for my friends who are of the Christian faith.
Rant over.

I am hungry so I need to go and find breakfast but I hope you all have a grate rest of your day. May it be filled with love, joy, peace and positivity. If you did make it through this entry I thank you for reading and not judging. As I have stated, I have absolutely nothing against Christianity and everyone has their beliefs but I was so angered by that person’s statement. I do respect her for her faith but truly we can’t help who we are.
Alright, peace out.


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