My Goals for 2018 and a Happy New Year to You!

Good afternoon readers.

Let me start by saying HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all! I hope that 2018 brings you all happiness, love, peace and fortune. I hope this is your year.
There are many things i plan to change this year, I won’t call them resolutions because I don’t see them as such. These are things i have been needing to change for a while now to make my life less stressful and to try to eleviate annoying others.

1. The changing of my Twitter name.

This means that I will not change my user name on twitter anymore. This doesn’t mean I won’t change my display name but my user name shall remain the same. My user name currently is 7of9STV and shall stay as such.

2. I will be healthier.

Last year I wrote that I was going to quit drinking pop, well…I failed so this year I won’t say I will quit drinking it altogether but I will cut way back on it. I have already done this but I will make every attempt to cut my intake to like once a week or so. It really doesn’t help to say I am going to stop something but if I say I will cut down rather I find it much easier to do. By the end of 2018 I should be pop free, at least that is my goal.
The foods I eat shall become a lot more healthy. Yes I do eat my fruits and vegitables but I have also gotten slac on other things. I will substitute things I can such as using lettuce leaves instead of bread for sandwiches. I can use Stevia or something called swerve instead of sugar to sweeten my coffee and ice tea. I don’t usually tend to sweeten my hot teas as I like those all natural. I will go to all dark chocolate and cut out the milk chocolate because dark’s better for you and has health benefits, this way I can still eat my chocolate without feeling guilty about it. There are other things I will do but I think this will definitely be better for me in the long run.
I will go to the gym and work out more. I was doing this but when Marie stopped going, I did as well. I don’t find it fun to diet and work out alone but I have had some people tell me they will do this with me so I know I can handle this.

3. I will save more money.

I have to start this in the year 2018 because last year I realized that I spent too much money on things that I didn’t need. Yes it’s ok to splurge once in a while but it’s good to save as well. I will set aside money each month and see what I have by the end of this year. I already save my change but It’s not enough, I need to do more.

4. I will say the word “no” more then I have in the past.

I have spent too much money and given so much to one person who is a friend of mine but I can’t do it anymore. This may make me seem mean but every once in a while has become a constant and I just don’t have the money to give, or the food. I hate for my friends to be hungry when I have the means to help but with no job currently and no guarantee of when I will be starting a new one, I just can’t do it all of the time.
I’m not an ATM, I’m not a bank, I’m not a food pantry and I’m not a pop machine. I’m sorry but I’m truly not.

5. I will do more self-care.

I think this links with getting healthier and saving money.
Along with those two mentioned above things, I will also meditate more and take more time for myself. There are just times I need me time and i haven’t been taking a lot of that lately. This doesn’t mean I’m going to disappear from you all but there will be times I’m just not around due to me time. This will help me to destress with out losing it and aiming my temper at those who don’t deserve it. I will not allow others to stress me out either. If things get to be too much I will leave the situation and come back when things are much calmer. I will not deal with being hurt or put down by people either. There may be times things don’t go the way we all wish they would but if there are issues, please talk to me and I’ll do likewise. It’s not good to hold grudges or ignore someone just because you think it’s how things should go. This leads to hurt feelings and misplaced anger and resentment, or it can. No, i’m not saying that I resent people because I try to get along with all and see the good in everyone and will continue to do so.

This leads me to number 6. My friends.

I always try to show you all how much I care and that I charish and love you all but there are times I feel as if I’m not doing something right or good enough. I will try to change this. I will try to contact those that I’m friends with and not always have them message me first. I will make a real true effort to message first and say hello. Life is too short to not do this.
I truly do love and charish you all, I dont’ always say it but just know that I do.

Last but not least my number 7. Work and/or school.

This year I will make a huge effort to start work or go to school. I have been actively looking for work and so far have come away with nothing but i’m not giving up. I will definitely be starting school if i have anything to say about it and I certainly do, I will fight and get what I want as far as this goes. I will not be taking no for an answer because i refuse to sit idol for one more year doing nothing. I hate sitting by with nothing to do so I will work harder this year to reach my goals of going into social work.

I do have a few more goals like singing and getting my CD done this year but that depends on my music producer’s busy schedule. I’ll do my best though.

So, those are my main goals this year and I don’t believe they are unreasonable. I think that’s key, setting reachable goals and I believe i have.

I hope you all have a great rest of your new years day!

Until next time…


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