Life’s Update

Good afternoon all.

I know it’s been a long time since i’ve actually written a true honest to goodness entry in here, so much for one new years resolution! Yes? Oh well, who needs them anyway?

I hope that everyone had a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend, mine was pretty good. On Saturday I went to a picnic that was hosted by my friend Marie and there was a ton of food and a fair amount of people there. One of the women brought her baby there and he was sooooo adorable. His name’s Daxtin and he’s just over a month old. He has white blonde hair, (think Draco Malfoy) if you are wondering what that looks like. LOL! I got to hold him and all I could think was wow, I haven’t held a tiny one that little in a very long time. He was a pretty good baby all in all, I mean he really didn’t cry much, the only time he really cried was when he was hungry. I did get super frustrated when we were leaving though because first of all, she put him in his carrier without buckling him in and decided to lift it and carry him all the way to the car unbuckled. Then, worst of all she lit a cigarette and held it in her mouth while trying to get him buckled in the car, she was leaning over him and blowing smoke in his tiny face. What if it would have fallen out of her mouth? It would have landed right on him! She could have dropped a hot ash on him, any number of things could have happened! What was she thinking? Obviously she wasn’t. I’m glad our driver yelled at her for it otherwise i would have. I hate when people act stupid like that! Either grow up or don’t have babies!

I’m very proud of myself! My travel lessons have been going very well. I have learned how to get to our mall by bus and many other place as well. I also have learned how to get to certain stores I like at the mall alone, I’m still working on conquering part of the mall though but I have a great start on it. RuthAnne says that’s a rainy day lesson and that’s cool with me. Today I learned how to get to my doctor’s office alone by bus and getting back home again. I just wish we could work up on campus as that was my true reason for doing travel but whatever, if I can learn other things at the same time I’m good.

Speaking of campus, RuthAnne gave me a great idea! Now I’m not sure if I’m going to do so yet but she told me I could start off at South Central College wich is only a two-year university instead of a four-year and then transfer to MSU. I’m actually considering it though, as long as my courses can be transfered to MSU. I don’t see an issue with that as I will need to start off with generals anyway. I’m thinking they should. I’ll have to give it some thought as I wanted to keep everything at one college. Thoughts anyone?

The job front has me entirely frustrated! I don’t even know where to begin with this topic.
I have a new job coach now and i thought he and I would work well together as I had worked with him previously, infact he was the one who helped me get my job at Land To Air. Well…he has me at my wits end and I’m ready to give up on him and my SSB counselor both!
One of my responsibilities was to go on job websites and look for jobs that I’d like to do and then get back to him and let him know what i had found. So I called him and I gave him a list of jobs that i wanted to try for and do you know what he told me? He tells me, “well I’m working on two jobs that I think you could do.” Then he tells me “I’ve bene talking to Land to Air and am waiting for them to get bakc to me along wiht KTOE. I’m sure you’ll get one of these two jobs.” I’m like what? What is the purpose of me going to these sites searching for jobs I…yes I want to do if he’s going to find jobs for me? I don’t see the friggin point! Just because one of his other clients used to work for KTOE and is blind he says I should be able to do the same job. Don’t fecking catagorize me! Just because i’m blind does not mean I want to work somewhere another blind person did just because i’m blind! there are many things I can do, I don’t need to do the same jobs as other blind people just because I’m also blind. It made me feel totally awful when he said that to me. I have bene wanting to teach blind people daily living skills and someone *ahem Flint* told me he’d try to get me into that but they won’t add anyone else to his contract because he’s currently being watched. For that I feel bad, he’s done nothing wrong to warrant that. So as you can see, I’m totally frustrated. I can’t do the jobs I want to do and i don’t feel as if my job coach will listen to me. What I do know though is that i’m bored sitting at home doing nothing. I think I’m going to start putting in applications on my own, maybe then something will get done.

I’m trying to purge my home of all junk food. I’m wanting to eat totally healthy and so far I have not succeeded at doing so. I wanted this done by tomorrow, blah! The only thing I refuse to give up is chocolate. LOL! Truly though, I will do this. I need an electric treadmill so I can walk inside when I can’t outside. i actually do love walking and it’s great exercise too. I have bene searching for one but everything I find at moment is way too expensive for my little budget. I saw something on TV that I want, it’s called a Neutra bullet pro. Apparently it helps make smoothies and such more healthy by breaking down the skins and such of raw foods like nuts. They gave a recipe for a neutra blast drink and in it there’s spinach for fiber, bananas for potassium, berries for antioxidants, almonds for…I forgot what they were for and some seeds for omega threes. For my omega threes I use hemp seed and chia seed. I have all of the ingredients to make that accept for the almonds but I could get some of those and they recommend one a day so I’ll add that to my daily health stuff.

Next month is Amber’s birthday, what shall I get for her? I’m sure I’ll come up with something. *grin*.

Ok, I’ll end this thing for now but I’ll write again when I can. I should write here everyday, even if it is just to say I had a good day. LOL!

Bye for now.

Oh yeah, i wish I’d have thought of the name Ailish Liliana when I was changing my name leagaly, I really love the name Ailish.

Anyhow, laters.

Ailish Liliana

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