Greetings once again. I am laying here posting from my phone. I hate when I tried to go to bed and for some reason my mind races and it makes it very hard to sleep. Since I could not sleep right away, I decided to play a little dice world and listen to my catfight. Make that can’t plural, dictation is not always a good thing. Anyway, I am not sure what my cats are doing. For some reason they keep jumping at shadows or so it seems. My youngest cat is really bad for that. She likes to look up at the ceiling or look towards The door and then she will run and it is like she is chasing something. My friend Cassie thinks she may have a ghost in her apartment. I told her when I was in a better mind frame I would open my senses and go check things out for her as well as my own dwelling. I have them closed off for the moment is I feel too much when they are open. I will try and go get some sleep now, I am yawning and can’t stop. Hopefully at some point my youngest cat will quit hissing and trying to fight with my older cat. So, for the second time good night everybody.

26 Things

Greetings. I love doing these things from time-to-time. I find them fun at times and they’re also a great way for you to learn more about who I am. Twenty six things about me… A- Age: 41. B- Biggest fear: Fire. C- Current time: 8:57 PM. D- Drink you last had: milk. E- Every day […]