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I’ve got a doozie for you this morning. This cracked me up. I’ll post a link to the article as well so you know what my sourse was for it.

Wisconsin Woman Burglarizes Home For Cheese And Beer, Asks Police To Help Find Phone She Left At crime sceen http://crimefeed.com/?p=13318 via

Wisconsin Woman Burglarizes Home For Cheese And Beer, Asks Police To Help Find Phone She Left At Crime Scene

April 23, 2015 by Emily Kaiser

Kelly L. Mayer might be the ultimate cheesehead. The 37-year-old Wisconsin native burglarized a home in a desperate search for beer and cheese.
To make matters worse cheesier, the homeowner discovered Mayer hiding inside the residence and snacking on cheese. When the homeowner forced her out of the house, Mayer decided to leave behind a stolen laptop. The street value of cheese far exceeds electronics in America’s Dairyland.
To cover her barley and curd trail, Mayer also doused herself in perfume before fleeing the scene. A police spokesperson described how easy it was to apprehend the highly-scented suspect:
“They not only spotted her hiding, they could smell her.”
While Mayer effectively fortified her bones on her dairy diet, cheese and beer didn’t make for the best high speed getaway. Police quickly nabbed her and discovered the stolen Guinness, cheese and various small electronics.
Under the influence of cheese and booze, Mayer had managed to forget her cell phone at the scene of the crime. A police spokesperson recounted how Mayer implored the arresting officers to help her:
“While officers were taking inventory, she asked about her cellphone. They called her number, and back at the victim’s home a phone began to ring inside a living room cabinet.”

Oh, Kelly…

Mayer was held on a tentative charge of burglary. Can we really condemn her? Who hasn’t been succumb to the occasional beer and cheese craving?

*Laughs hysterically*. Oh my sides hurt from laughing so hard! Oh…oh…oh no! *loses it again*. *takes deep breaths to try and get myself undercontrol*. Ok, I’m ok. I’m fine now. Oh man. Uh oh, here I go again. *cracks up again*. Breathe Lily, breathe. *Tears run down face from laughing so hard*. I’m pretty sure i’m being looked at funny here at work…I don’t care…that was hillarious…Ok, under control now…oh man…can we say dumb arse? In the words of Carlos Mancia, dee dee dee!!!!!

Ok, just because I can and since music is such a huge part of my life and who I am…

Your Music Personality is Upbeat and Conventional

You love music that is easy to listen to. You like a catchy melody and a few good hooks.
The types of music you tend to gravitate toward are top 40, pop, oldies, country, and soundtracks. You don’t have to look far to find music you enjoy.

Of all the types, you are the most agreeable. What makes others happy tends to make you happy as well.
You are also the least open to new things. You tend to have plenty of things you like, so you don’t seek out novelty.

It’s likely that you are quite content with yourself and your life. You are confident in who you are.
You are social and easygoing. You like to be a part of a group, and you value harmony.

I have recently rediscovered the awesomeness that is the movie Top Gun. I absolutely love that movie and I forgot just how much till I watched it the other day. Now when I’m at home the soundtrack goes in my winamp on repeat, It’s a great soundtrack to listen to while killing Xloritans on Prometheus. LOL! Speaking of Prometheus, you know you play that game too much when you are battling the Xloritan assassins in your dreams at night. This was the case with me last night. Ugh! Xloritan assassin number 4893 has launched guided missiles at Phoenix Rising, then I’d launch missiiles at the assassin, then Xloritan assassin 4893 has been destroyed. They wouldn’t stop, the assassins just kept coming and I’d keep destroying them. LOL! That’s pretty sad. All I can do is laugh at myself because it’s nuts and I can’t help but to make fun of myself for it. Time to take a break from it me thinks. Hahaha.

Today is a gloomy rainy day. I really dislike days like this, I long for the warmth of the sun and the days that make me not want to hybernate. Right now all I feel like doing is curling up under my blankets with a good book and a hot chocolate or a hot cup of tea. Hm, i can make tea, I just remember I keep a supply of it here at work along with one of my favorite tea cups. Which kind should I have? Tough decision as I have four different kinds here. I think I’ll have orange spice, mmmmm, good stuff.

Well I’m going to go and contemplate lunch. I’m hungry and breakfast was nonexistent this morning. Good for me for sleeping past my alarm, I so rock! LOL!

Untill next time…

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